Thursday, September 25, 2014

Finding Balance

It may be quite obvious from the long gap between posts; I have been quite busy! With the uptick in the economy, our firm has grown in size and workload; something I feel very grateful for. With that increased workload, however, comes the busyness. With a young son starting first grade, plenty of hobbies and interests of my own, and a design firm that is fully booked for the remainder of 2014, life is sometimes overwhelming.
So when my son needed to stay home from school for a few days this week due to a cold, my first reaction was could I get all the work done that I have on my plate? How was I going to make the deadlines I had set?  Well, I was forced to, and you know what? It was SUCH a blessing! My son and I baked a cake, I read several fairy tales to him, we messed around in the garden, checking on our winter veggies, repotting a few overgrown plants, we built Legos. By the end of the day, he and I both felt something that had really been lacking for several months: balance. And guess what? This morning when I went back to work? It was there, patiently waiting for me.
So, I am newly reminded of how important and GOOD it feels to find balance in one's life and am hopeful that I can keep this lesson with me for a little while, at least.

Do you feel that your life is out of balance? Do you have ways in which you bring it back? I would love to hear any tricks you may have to keep work, life, family and YOURSELF in harmony.

I am planning a trip to the Southwest with my best friend...this image helps to remind me that traveling to beautiful and natural places restores me:

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