Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I didn't get the job...

Today I was informed that I did not get a project I really wanted. A project that was basically "designed" for me. The home was really all about what I dream of; large, open rooms, strong, beautiful details, an architectural style that had my name ALL OVER IT! But, you can't score them all and this one slipped through my fingers...I did learn something from this process though; a lesson that really will help to push me forward in my work in the future. This project was really a reach, something that would have pushed my experience and skills to the max, but I would have come through it a better designer. So I prepared a proposal that was really meant for the big leagues, and while I never got to present it, I got to learn how to prepare it. That in and of itself is really a valuable thing. So next time: I Got This!

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