Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fall is in the air......

Today was my son's first day of Kindergarden, a big deal around here. With it came the sense of feeling like the fall season is fast approaching. I love fall, it is my favorite time of year; the change in the light outdoors, the change in the color of the leaves, the remembered rush of those first days of school-even though, for me, they are long gone. After a summer filled with expansion and sun and bare arms and legs, I feel ready for a cozy evening in with a glass of red wine, a slow simmered meal and perhaps even a candle or two. Is it just me? I know there are many days left of warm afternoons, outdoor grilling and even a beach trip or two, but seeing this image made me yearn for a lazy morning buried deep in a bed as cozy as this one here.

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