Monday, April 29, 2013

What I'm pinning these days.....Books

I grew up the daughter of a librarian who is also an amazing artist, so it comes as no surprise that I am a designer (the art part of the influence) who loves to not only read, but to have books in plain sight as a form of design (the librarian part of the influence). In my childhood home, almost all the walls had floor to ceiling built in book cases, overflowing with books. As an adult, my own home reflects that influence in a very real way. In my design, it is a big part of how I make a room feel like home. The warmth they provide, the memories of great reads, or places traveled or, often for me, inspiring design ideas. All of the emotion that comes with these books creates the look of a well lived in room. How the books are arranged or displayed can be determined by the style of the person living in that home. One does not have to have an "old" library look or a dark, den feeling to get to have their books on display. Take a look at these examples below and you can see for yourself how widely diverse the design style is and yet how perfectly integrated, no, IMPROVED, the rooms look:

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