Monday, October 1, 2012

How Pinterest is changing the design world

Ok, I admit it, I am not tech savvy, and so all this social media stuff has got my head spinning. For years I heard the low murmur of how great social media is. How having a blog helps to establish your credibility as an industry expert, how Facebook can give you an essentially ever changing, fresh website to showcase your work and to keep followers abreast of the daily comings and goings of life as a designer. For years I blocked it out because I was afraid of not knowing how to operate these medias. It took a client who is up to date in the tech world to sit me down and show me how great this stuff can be, for me to finally dip in my toe. What that client showed me was a "little" (at the time) site called Pinterest. As soon as I figured out it's benefits, I was hooked! Not only is it fun, inspirational and easy, it also allows designers to communicate their ideas visually BEFORE embarking on a project; something that is of ultimate value to clients. I have used it for collecting interesting ideas that I would like to try on future projects, for showing my own work, for gathering ideas to show an existing client, and just for fun. I have 40 boards ranging from design ideas/likes by room, my own projects, folders for individual clients, recipe ideas, party ideas, craft projects....the list goes on. No more torn out magazine pages stuffed somewhere that I can never remember, no more trying to explain to clients what I am visualizing while they stare at me with a confused expression on their face, no more cruising the internet for cool new trends! Pinterest has it all, ease of use, clean, well laid out pages/boards, access to millions of viewers and most of all, its FUN!
Take a look at my boards and see for your self:

Pinterest Board  

As they say at Pinterest: Happy Pinning!.....And hello to a neater desk.....

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