Monday, September 24, 2012

Who should accessorize?

While cruising through Facebook this morning I came across an image of some beautiful metal sculptures that could be used as an accessory in one's home. This is the image of them:
Pretty right? But here is the thing; when designers are working with a client to decorate a room or even an entire home, should the designer really be selecting the accessories? I'm not sure. It sort of feels like the accessories are what personalizes a home, and that object acquired through travel, treasured gifts, family heirlooms etc. should have a place of honor in one's home. Clearly from a "designs for the rest of us" perspective, I feel it is a good move, to use what the client already has as it saves money! But it is more than that to me. Perhaps that is just how I feel with my own treasures. Maybe it depends on the client. Some may want a "look" and that is what excites them while others may want to incorporate things that have personal meaning regardless of whether it "fits" into the look of the room. What do you think? I would love to know.

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