Monday, January 20, 2014

A Day of Service to honor a man who spent his life in service...MLK

I've always had a strong sense of connection to Dr. Martin Luther King. I know, lots of people have and do. But of all the great leaders out there over the years, something about him makes me pause. Like many, I learned of him at a very young age and was told of his actions to right so many wrongs. As I got older, I learned also of his short comings as a man and a husband. And yet....I still felt so CONNECTED to his spirit! Something about the way in which he grew and developed from a gifted speaker and champion of Civil Rights to develop a greater understanding of the challenges of migrant workers, the reality of poverty for all races, and dark secrets of class issues really left me in awe. Today, so many years after his tragic death, I still feel gratitude and inspiration from his brave actions and wise words. 
We spent the afternoon volunteering in our community in honor of his life and efforts.  It helped to remind me that one day is simply not left me asking myself the question Dr. King posed so many years ago: "What are you doing for others?" More today, I hope, than I did yesterday, and even more still tomorrow.
Thank you MLK for being my inspiration.

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