Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What does your design style say about you?

It may be that because I am a designer, I tend to really take in the overall feeling of the homes I go into. But I can't help it, I just adore trying to get a sense of some one's personality based on the choices they make, or don't make, in their home.  You really can get a good feeling for what they like, how they live, what their interests are-all from being in some one's space.
I know my own home really is a very true representation of who I am and what I am interested in.
I put together this little collage of some rooms that make me feel like I already know those who inhabit them: play along and see if you agree with my assessments-share your thoughts, I would love to know them.

This first one is a room I would DEFINITELY like to spend some time in! I can imagine that the residents of this home love to linger over a long dinner with friends, discussing great works that they have read, arguing the major classics and enjoying the company of each other. I would love to be invited this this house for dinner!

A traveller, for sure. This wanderlust soul has so many stories to tell and adventures to remember. They are already planning their next trip, I can feel it!

This is the room of a true lover of art-all mediums! They love to surround themselves in it-taking pleasure in all the thought and care that went into the artwork. Cherishing the memories that go with the acquisition of each piece and what made them fall in love with it.

There is no fear of making a statement here! Daring art choices make me REALLY interested in meeting the residents of this home-can you imagine what brought them to make that purchase? I HAVE to know the story!

So, tell me your thoughts-how were yours any different then mine in regards to these rooms and the people who live in them. I would love to hear.

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