Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Space saving tricks-A guest post by Signature Furniture Rental

Sometimes a girl just needs a little help: running my own business is a dream come true and I would never trade it for anything. However, there are so many hats to wear: Designer, Accountant, Blogger, Social Media guru, Sales Woman and name a few. The addition of the social media element has opened so many doors for me, but is also one more hat I have to wear....Enter guest postings to my blog! This first post is all about how to save space in a small home-something many of us could use some advice on! I hope that you find their tips useful-and check back again as I plan to host a series of guest posts in the coming months:
First, a little about Signature Furniture Rental:
Signature Furniture Rental provides stylish, high quality furnishings for temporary residences in Southern California. Based in San Diego, Signature Furniture Rental offers solutions for home staging, temporary furniture needs and long term contracts for new homeowners, traveling professionals and real estate agents.

Don’t Let the Square Footage of Your Room Tell You How Big It Is

A room can become overcrowded in a blink of an eye. Keeping a smaller space from becoming overrun in clutter can seem like a daunting task. Especially in homes with multiple people—or children—move through a room each day, the mess can pile up fast. However, there exist a few effortless things that can be done, from rearranging to purchasing smarter furniture to simply moving stuff out of the way of your windows, which will open up your room and give it a new life.
First, lets talk about what we can do to make a room appear larger and more open. An important thing to pay attention to is the color of the room and the contrast of colors within it. Soft and neutral colors can make the walls appear to recede, which can bring about a more relaxing air. Furthermore, stark color contrast can make the room size appear limited as well. For example, if you’ve painted your room a light, ocean blue (which is a nice soft color), you probably don’t want to hang up deep red drapes in the same room. If instead you were to hang up shades that were a similar shade of blue, the room size won’t appear so constricted. Similarly, if you have two small rooms partially connected, such as a joint kitchen and living room, painting both rooms the same color can give the effect of the two being one large room.

An even simpler tip concerns the windows and doors in the room in question. When either are hidden from view, the room appears closed-in and isolated. So if you’ve got stuff piled up in front of the window, try finding another place for them. Also, if you’ve got a tall bookshelf or television between a door and a sofa, try rearranging so there’s a direct line of sight between the door and the room’s primary sitting area. Even if you’re not totally conscious of this difference, it’s there.

Now for the clutter. It piles up no matter how much we attempt to stifle it, but there are a few easy organizational techniques to help carry the load. A good first step is to look at how much wall space is being utilized. For whatever reason, most people don’t fully take advantage of wall space, when all it usually requires is a power drill and a quick trip to Home Depot. So instead of a big, cumbersome bookshelf, distribute that storage space throughout your room by hanging up a few shelves.

It’s also important to consider what kind of furniture you’re buying. There are some great options for furniture that doubles as a storage unit,such as expandable tables, coffee tables with inner storage, or footrests with removable tops. All these are things to keep an eye out for when replacing furniture.

Making a room seem less crowded and cluttered doesn’t need to be costly or time consuming. Spending an hour on a room using these tips can totally revamp a closed-in room. While you might not have the square-footage you’d like, that doesn’t mean you can’t trick people into thinking otherwise. 


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