Friday, September 7, 2012

Shades of......Grey

I've got grey on my mind these days. And it is not because of that book! I have really come to realize that grey is such a versatile um, color. One might suggest that it is not really a color, but have you seen how many shades of grey there are out there? I can tell you it is more than 50! The range of color temperatures available is really inspiring too. We all know painting is the key if you want to really transform a room in a weekend and not spend too much money. Often colors can become "tired" or we just change how we feel and wish we had stayed neutral with the color choice. But neutral is often so boring. Enter grey. From cool, almost blue undertones to warm, taupe like grey, this choice can really be the solution for changing the look of your space.
A few I find that work well almost anywhere:

Benjamine Moore's Briarwood
Restoration Hardware's Gravel, and Slate
Farrow and Ball's Pavilion Grey, French Grey and Elephant's Breath
A few ideas for inspiration:

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  1. I have to agree. I love the many shades of grey! These images are great esp. liking the grey on grey. It makes all the wood tones pop!