Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Keeping your tile budget in check

We all know how tile can break a bathroom remodel budget, and quickly too! One trick that I have used many times, and am implementing in a current project, is to use the expensive tiles for impact and pop and choose a less expensive tile for the "field". Example, the bathroom that I am working on now has tile flooring, tub skirt, backsplash, walk in shower enclosure and shower bench. That is a LOT of tile. So, to make the budget work, I am using a 12x24 khaki tile set on a vertical subway pattern for the shower ($8 sf) and then using a more expensive and decorative tile for the shower floor and built in bench ($30 sf). The same with the floor. I found a fantastic ceramic tile that I am having cut to create a subway pattern on the floor and the tiles are $6 sf! Meanwhile the tub skirt and backsplash tiles are much more high end but they are used on smaller spaces. Without compromising style, we have kept the tile budget in check. Photos to come soon....

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  1. Digging the strategy! Looking forward to photos when the project's done!